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Nurse Case Management and Delegation

Guidance and proper planning by nurses enable the creation of individualized care plans that map the current and future needs of clients.

Nurse case managers are helpful individuals who will walk our clients through the entirety of the support services they need. Through our case management services, we can assess the living conditions of clients, along with their medical history, present skills, behaviors, and relationships.

After an assessment, we can determine the suitable care options, including medical needs and social support. We also take into consideration future opportunities for them in relation to their education and employment.

Holistic Approach

As much as we prioritize the physical and social needs of our clients, we also strive to promote their emotional and psychological well-being. Having years of experience with clients with IDD, our case managers implement appropriate training sessions and care methods that encourage our clients to manage their behavior and the people around them to be wary of potential triggering factors.

Communal Involvement in Individualized Planning

Our case managers work closely with clients, families, and care providers to deliver the most effective and achievable care plan for clients. The participation of people who live close to our clients is vital in the decision-making process. We acknowledge that some people with developmental disabilities are almost always incapable of anticipating what may happen in the future. Thus, the presence of people who can help make well-informed decisions in relation to our client’s welfare will be beneficial.

Future Recommendations

Should there be a recommendation to transfer clients to an assisted living facility, they will coordinate all possible interventions with the families and future care providers. Moreover, plans will be furnished as simple so family members and care providers will understand them to carry out life modification practices.

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